2006 Garden & Home


May 20, 2006 garden viewed from top floor window
NOTE: tomatoes have plastic covers for cool nights
Lettuce & carrots are just coming up.
Dahlias have been planted but are not up yet

June 15, 2006 garden viewed from top floor window.
NOTE: Lavender is beginning to bloom
Honeysuckle on trellis is blooming & loved by the hummingbirds  Strawberries are ripe.


July 17th, 2006 view of garden from upstairs window.
Note, the lavender has been cut,
Shasta daisys are blooming,
Tomatoes plants are huge
First dahlias are beginning to bloom

August 3rd, 2006 view of garden from upstairs window.
Dahlias, lilies and "Lucifer" Crocosmia blooming & lots of green tomatos. .


August 22, 2006 view of garden from upstairs window.
Shasta daisys are done, but honeysuckle is blooming again
Tomatoes are getting ripe and yummy.
Beans and some dahlias are now 8' tall.  With no rain for weeks the paths are very dry.

Sept. 13, 2006:
The forecast of the rains beginning has prompted me to put a plastic canopy over the tomatoes and other potted plants. In spite of the garden being so dry, the dahlias continue to bloom. Check out Blondie blending in with the dry grass. - the perfect camouflage.


Fall and the first frost in the garden

November 2006 - Dahlias have been dug and stored.


Blondie at the garden trellis


"Garden Madonna" 

Purple & white petunia basket

         Clematis & hanging basket

August flowers on front deck


 Mid September dahlias                                       tomatoes under the canopy                                         dwarf sunflowers

DAHLIAS in my 2006 Garden


              Red giraffe      -      red pom-pom       -     Vernon-Rose       -  Bahama Lemon (?)   


 Helen's Day (?)           -  Sean C          -        Double Trouble    -         Sunny         -         Edinburgh

Check out my NEW greenhouse shed!

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