2007 Patio Project

With one plastic form and multiple bags of concrete,
the goal is to cover the ground of the patio/grill area with concrete blocks.
The solstice swirl design is made by using a plastic bender board to create the shape.

April 15, 2007


The project begins with Jerry making the blocks with the form


April 22, 2007


Two peices of plastic bender-board is used to create the spiral

Chips of tile and broken plates are added to the spiral as a finishing touch



Jerry carefully fills the spiral form with concrete

May 7, 2007


The blocks have been set into place around the bender board with new blocks getting hard.


May 20, 2007

Another section to the spiral gets added


June 3, 2007


Jerry shows his "brush" technique for smooth blocks and his perfect timing to remove the form


Linda brushes off concrete on the chips to reveal the white pattern. White blocks are used as markers for the spiral.


June 9, 2007

Rain and/or shine Linda adds chips to another section of the spiral


June 10, 2007


More blocks and the final section of the spiral have been completed


June 16-17, 2007



More blocks put into place with more drying blocks.


June 23-25, 2007








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